Board Members

SkillsUSA Idaho is governed by a 17 member Board consisting of six professional members, six business-industry members, and five ex-officio members who have positions of leadership directly related to SkillsUSA Idaho. The professional and business-industry members are elected by SkillsUSA advisors in August. The ex-officio members include the secondary and post-secondary student state presidents, the state advisor and the SkillsUSA CTSO manager, and the President of the Idaho Trade and Technology Association (ITTA) teacher association. The job of the SkillsUSA Idaho Board is to manage the affairs of the organization and to achieve the Board’s goal of SkillsUSA Idaho being known as one of the top five state SkillsUSA organizations in America.

Cheryl Deitchler

Idaho Board Chairman
Region III – Professional Member
Meridian Technical Charter H.S


Idaho Board Vice Chairman

Ben Hamlett

Idaho Board Treasurer
Region IV – Professional Member
Automated Manufacturing

Andrew DiPietro

Idaho Board Secretary
Region IV – Industry Representative

Alex Beal

ITTA President
CWI Diesel Chair/Instructor

Clay Wilkie

Region IV – Professional Member
CWI Welding Instructor

Chelsie Wilson

State Director
Program Quality Manager – IDCTE (ex-officio)

Andrew Armstrong

SkillsUSA CTSO Manager IDCTE (ex-officio)

Audrey Norris

Post Secondary State President
Boise State University

Bailey Jensen

Secondary State President
Dennis Technical Education Center

Jim Mckenzie

Region III – Professional Member
DTEC Welding Instructor

Sean Courtright

Region III – Industry Representative
Owner, Clearwater Home Services

Rex Hufford

Region III – Industry Representative
SkillsUSA SLSC Automotive Committee Chair

Dianne Jolovich

Region IV – Professional Member
Hospitality/Culinary Arts Instructor, College of Southern Idaho

Easton Anderson

Alumni Representative
Region III – Industry Representative (ex-officio)